Friday, December 21, 2007

project creep

Friday, December 21, 2007

What is "project creep" you may ask....more about that later.

The other day, while driving to work, I found a radio station that is new to me. Not to anyone else apparently, but to me. It is one of those lovely "starter" public radio stations that still runs by virtue of folks volunteering and sharing their interest in a particular type of music or issue. (For those of you in the general Seattle, Everett area, it is 90.7 out of Everett.) I hit the station while browsing just in time to hear a comedian say several things that made me laugh out loud. The one that has been stuck with me since then is the following: "Depression is anger without enthusiasm." (If I could remember the man's name I would surely give him credit.

What makes this comment interesting for me, as a practicing psychotherapist is that the old adage is "depression is anger turned inward." Somehow that never quite did it for me as it seemed like a bit of a hopeless view. When I got to my office I "shared"....., no, what I did was I told my colleague who thought the idea was worthy of some thought.

It now dawns on me that the thing I like about the enthusiasm quote is that it implies more than just getting enthusiastic about being angry. In its simplicity it also implies that there is room in the human heart, no matter how flattened or prickly, to experience some sort of enthusiasm for something beyond one's own troubles.

Mine of course are many...enthusiasms far beyond the possible time and energy I have been given to spend in this world, but among them are.... SHOES. Imagine my happy surprise, when in looking for the gifts I may have stashed at the far back bottom of my closet, I found my favorite pair of magenta suede pumps with the bow in the front. I guess the gods and goddesses do occasionally reward the slobby housekeeper. Sleep well all and may peace be a gift we can all share . sopha d.

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Allegra Smith said...

Happy New Year Sopha! Love you to pieces and miss you tons. When are you coming?