Monday, December 17, 2007

Writing to myself...not necessarily a bad idea...

So, as I write to myself, I am trying to fill out all the questions... who am I? What do I like? and so on. This is a little like writing a journal, but done so publicly is an unusual exercise. Perhaps this is good for a shy person like myself.
One of the things that I clearly love and always will, are shoes. There is I realize a frivolous part to this aspect of my nature, and, although I own more shoes than most people, many of them are as art appreciation.
This shoe is what I would consider the almost perfect shoe. I don't think I could wear it, but the beauty of it lies in its balance and minimalism. Of course this is a shoe I cannot afford and is made by a very old shoe company.
One of the things that I have been known to do (under the name of DrShuze) is to "redo" shoes. Anybody interested in seeing the peacock feather shoes?
good night for now..sopha davenport

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Allegra Smith said...

Oh Sopha, I had to come from here and yonder to find are not @ anywhere but simple a dot will do the trick if you decide to leave breadcrumbs for others like me to follow;

Perverse guilt and delight at being the reason for your posting. Today has been a sad day. Judy shared something about a mother being separated from her children and sent back to her native land. Good grief, have we no sense of decency anymore in our country? It breaks my heart and I have been crying internally all day, and QuanYin has candles to show Her the way to here with my blind faith that the Universe would provide and soon she should (not could or would but should) be reunited with her brood.

Off to bed with me. I love you and check what quality those gems are.
Anything under A is completely unacceptable and those look to me like Cs at best.

Your faithful and loving Plum