Sunday, December 16, 2007

ya gotta start sometime.. maybe

December 16, 2007--sunday evening...and as usual I find myself wondering why I did not get my entire list done. I do actually advocate making at least part of the list at the end of the day, but today I feel I am being particularly egregious. My office floor (home office) is covered with paper and here I am setting up a blog.

I have always made fun of bloggers. Who am I to think that my musings and random thoughts would be of interest to anyone....?

However, a friend of mine, who sadly, lives too far away for me to jump over to her house has begun one. Having been squuezed by life in such a way that she could no longer write to those of us who adore her individually, she has chosen to start a blog. I am so glad to see her writing...the particular grace and wit with which she is able to string words together... I am attempting to return the favor.

We will see how it goes. The image is mine. I photographed the fall and then played with photoshop. You are welcome to download it for personal use, but please give me credit. (my real name is susanne wichert). Please also do not swipe it for any commercial use... thanks.

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