Monday, March 17, 2008

part 2 re gravity

A while back, when I took writing up again, a bit more seriously this time, it was not as easy as it had been when I was in my twenties. (Earlier this month I had my fifty ninth birthday) I don't bother myself too much with the why of it, but it has become my habit, to leave no word unexamined. It takes me to far more interesting places when I do that, so I plan to continue.
One of my favorite books for this purpose is an eighteen hundred's thesaurus written by a man named Mr. Crabb. I purchased this book for a dollar or so many years ago on Chukanut Drive on our way from Seattle to Bellingham. Mr. Crabb opens up a world of word usage the like of which seems all but lost to us now. We are all the poorer for it. But, at the moment, Mr. Crabb is hiding so we will have to do without him.
My first step was to look up the word gravity in my old (1948) english/german dictionary. French and German being the first languages I ever learned, looking at the German and French equivalents of words, sometimes allows me to feel my way into words in those languages. I can often do this with english as well, but why not make things richer if you can? So, what did I find out? That will be part 3. I think I am still the only one who reads this thing, right? --so I may as well take my totally exhausted body to bed. More tomorrow, I think...sopha d.

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