Saturday, June 28, 2008

counterfeit or real life?

This winter has been a long and difficult one for me, When I think about it, it spans from last June until about now. The winter that is a year. Therefore my title, is this life real or counterfeit--movement done by sheer will and need without my heart and soul invested in the doing? All my life I have had difficult with the occasional bout of depression. ( thought mental health professionals never have these issues? Au contraire, Lucy!!! It is these experiences that encourage us into these careers and make us either very good or very bad at them.)

There are so many of us that, I think, are not meant to live in the society as it now is. Particularly at my age.. 58..59? I forgot. But, things are becoming real again, as I can see my peony blooming away. It has been sadly neglegted but has nonetheless given me the gift of its spectacular bloom. I thank all who must be thanked.

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