Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Birthdays and sweet boys

Today is September 16th, four days after my son's twentyfirst birthday. He is a very special child in so many ways I cannot count them all, but he is the last child we will send forth into the world to create his own life (eventually....).

On his birthday he received the usual odd sort of assortment of things that we cobble together when we think of someone we love. I was moved to tears, when he was moved to tears, not by the spiffy new, red cell phone, but by the plate with his four year old handprint that I had cleaned up and mounted with some other items in a shadow box. He was also given two magnets with quotes and his favorite went something like this "It is not as important to go out into the world and do well, as it is to go out into the world to do good". Not only have I doubtless mangled the quotation a bit, but I have forgotten the writer. A book of poems by Rumi was also among his favorites.
Perhaps, no matter what, we have raised him a little bit right, or, perhaps his spirit has survived our parenting and all the other nastiness the world threw his way. A lovely birthday.
Wishing you all a wonderful new year.

You may wish to visit a website produced by Cornelia Powell, called Weddings of Grace. No, of course I don't have the url, that would mean I have suddenly become totally organized. But then, you know how to google don't you? You just put your.......

Oh, lost in old movie memories... my pardon. One of the articles in her newsletter is about my friend Sarah and her "mermaid" gown. (I just love being called a designer.) No more said.
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Hello Prunella,

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and it was great to talk on the phone tonight. Love to the rest of the tribe and wish me well tomorrow, love you