Saturday, September 20, 2008

Little birds cont.

For some reason, I find that if I try to look and see how the entry I am making is looking on the blog, I cannot go back and add on to the initial thing I was writing..... so.... this is Part 2 of the entry below..(I hope)
I pulled into the parking lot and asked someone just what was going on. I thought perhaps it was time for the aliens to come down, although why they would choose the front lawn of an old elementary school in Monroe of all places would be a bigger mystery to me than the idea of aliens.
As someone explained to me, the large chimney on the school is part of the migration route of a certain species of finches. This happens every year for about a week. It has gone on since the school was built. What happens is this. The birds fly in the sky above the school. More and more of the tiny birds gather until the sky seems covered with them fly here and there. Then, as the dusk gathers the evening around it, at some invisible signal they begin to gather themselves and slowly the formation of a tornado of small birds all flying counterclockwise begins to form.
The formation becomes tighter and tighter until those at the base of the tornado begin to enter the chimney. To do this, they must turn and fly down tail first, as they spend the night like shingles atop each other for warmth. Birds contine to come and come and come. It is the most astonishing thing I have ever seen.
I also love that people take the time during this week to watch a show that is quiet, no loud music and bright lights, just amazing nature. sopha d

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Allegra Smith said...

Our birds come in mid to late September to Chapman school for years now, they spend the night inside the abandoned chimney there.
Check the video. I guess we must be careful when we say bird brain from now on judging by their "educated" choices. Sorry, no pun intended, I hope none taken.