Sunday, February 15, 2009

A belated day of love and contentment to all

The idea of having a day in which we let those about whom we care is love (valentine's day). However, during many of my younger years, not only did I feel it was a "created" holiday for commercial interests, but it also felt like a day of exclusion. I was certainly without a honey most of the time.
So, how about if instead we make each and every day a day in which we let at least one person in our lives know how much and why we care for them and are happy to have them in our lives. Happy everyday to all of you three people who read this blog. love ya. sopha d.


Allegra Smith said...

Am I fourth or one of the three? Love to you too, I still think of Valentine's as another Hallmark holiday. It is a totally different thing in France, where the seamstresses and millinery workers went out in mass and dressed to the nines (do French women know how to dress ever to a lower number?) and filled the little niches of St.Valentine's - which were then all over Paris - with flowers and little billets d'amour hoping the goodly saint would bring them a love object.

No greeting cards, no bonbons, no flowers, no two billion dollar industries. Somehow to me is still a commercial enterprise of the worst possible taste. I don't think Beloved and I ever even say a word about Valentines on February 14th. To me it remains my late sister Mimi's birthday and that is all.


sopha davenport said...

My dear, you may well be number one!!!. I have no idea if anyone else reads this... suze/sopha d.