Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Fool's Full Plate

I took this picture as a bit of a joke, of course at a time when I should have been doing something else. Just as right now, I really should be doing something slightly more productive.
I will therefore make this short and find some more time later in the week. I am struggling my way out of the ADD pit, into which I have allowed myself to slide for the last year or so, resulting in my finally going out to buy office paper and finding it remarkable how beautiful the sun is today. I have been staying indoors and making myself crazy attempting to catch up and create order. I am now listening to and doing the very things that I suggest to my clients and am close to being out of the sucking quicksand.
I love to read all manner of weird books, and one of them on my current pile is The Encyclopedia of Word and Phrase Origins. I thought I would be orderly about this and go alphabetically and sure enough it did not take long before I found an interesting word I had never heard. The word is "arschgnoddle" (now, German being my first or second language, I should have known better than to press on, but I did. It said: "see fartleberry". I looked that up (In this very same book) and about lost my breakfast. Gross! It is too gross for me to even use it as a curse word. But the day is still lovely. sopha

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