Friday, February 6, 2009

reading time

I suppose I should make time to take the rest of the shiny things down from the few remaining walls. I find myself as engrossed with many things, in particular, reading. I was forced to abstain for a number of years and feel like I am now attempting to make up for lost time. I have already quoted from one book, The Encyclopedia of Word and Phrase Origins. Originally I bought this book for our waiting room, as it is the sort of book that one can simply browse through and put down at a moment's notice without feeling like one has missed the ending and/or (as we say in the therapy biz) "not come to closure". So far, it is still too interesting to take it to work. I will, on occasion share items as I find things that are interesting. At this point I have the distinct impression that many of the English phrase origins are either based in vulgarity or history -- men's history.

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