Saturday, April 25, 2009

the second time around,,,

The day started off just fine today and most of it was filled with joy as my husband and I impulsively decided to paint the living room (finally) after making some moves to re-arrange the furniture (also finally). The formerly while wall was not only far from it's previous fresh ivory color of at least seven years ago, but was aslo marked by spots where we/perhaps more I/ had painted or taped up various shades and hues of colors that I thought we could live with and that would let everyone know what good taste we had.There was one sort of dull plummy sort of color that had taken dominance as I was rather fond o f it, but my darling Spamcake kept insisting that it was too dark.
So off we go to the store to get paint and after not nearly as much sqabbling as usual found a color that we both liked. THe first stroke of it onto the wall revealed it to be---just about the same color I had been mixing with my little guaoche sets!!! Now we are done with the first coat, neither or us can move except to groan and tomorrrow we will have to complete the task with a second goat. This has been sitting in my draft box for a while and, no we did not do anything in the living room with goats. This brings the usefulness of spellcheck to mind...altlhough it would not have caught this one for sure.
It does, however, point out one of the weaknesses of how I choose to live my life. I too easily allow others to interrupt me, leaving the draft file full of halfwritten things and a blog unread.

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