Friday, May 22, 2009

two new pictures

Today, although rich with thoughts running around and bumbing into each other at some kind of steroid induced Brownian motion, so fast and so heavy I would not be surprised to see some sort of word sludge come out of my ears... eeeuuuugh!, I am somewhat impoverished when it comes to matters of time. I could also mention the absence of solitude as someone or another keeps knocking on my office door every thirty seconds causing me to sound more and more like a harpy and less like a loving mother.
So, what I am giving you is two pictures. One is a scan of a drawing/painting/thing? I did. I am attempting to move from my more representational images to painting stuff like rocks I like...and this is what came out of a photograph, memories of a beach and a sleepless night. The second is when I took the scan and started messing with it with Photoshop (no, I do not have a clue as to what I am doing, but I love the liquify tool! I am trying not to continuously use it on photographs of others, much as it cracks me up. ) If there is anybody out there, let me know, do you like one better than the other? I think the handmade one is better in hand. So it goes. Sopha D.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Wacko Women...

I am lonely here at this blog as I suspect there is nobody to read it...truth to tell I am hardly that interesting. Sometimes I miss some of the groups I once belonged to, but they were either too large or too demanding of production or one thing or another. Oh wait, I am the lazy bum...that was it. I am thinking of starting onE possibly called WACKO WOMEN WHO DO A LITTLE OR A LITTLE, BUT ARE PROBABLY CREATIVE AND HAVE A WICKED SENSE OF HUMOR.
On the off chance that anybody is reading this and would like to think about it, let me know. You do not have to be a woman actually. I am very flexible about these things.
Oh, what does the Dalai's card say today?
Shoot, he is hiding in his box under drifts of paper, but he will not elude me... here, here your Holiness... I need you... Just a moment.... go get a snack or something while I track down the smell of incense.........

Found him!!! Here it is:

If you harbour ill will, it has a negative impact on yourself. You may lose your appetite and good sleep."

Peace and love to all you beings out there... sopha davenport.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

parenting mental unwellness

Today began with joy and celebration and has once again ended here, at a wall I cannot move. I have done this before and finally managed to turn around in another direction. This time, the wall is different, aren't they all? I am not finished yet, wishing to share the garden I imagine is inside. I am so very tired. What irony! I am a good therapist, but can do nothing for my own children. The following is a poem (good or bad- yo be the judge) I wrote when the first child went finally lost to us.

Is it really you
who stands east of here
having ridden the wind
been carried by my left hand?

Two golden and silver rings
celebrate those carried before.
Just two:
as eyes, as ears, as a pair.
For you, having chosen to ride
on only the smallest finger
straddling a weak knuckle
there is no ring pale enough.


The east remains to my left
I dare not turn full face into it
in the hope of moving it from that side

I might see
that you have sung
no songs
into the mountain crossing air
stand back to here, facing a large and roaring ocean.

by susanne wichert.

I wonder, does anybody read this stuff? Doesn't matter really--tonight it helps to write it. Good health, peace and kindness to all, love sopha.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Stuff and the stuff of which memories are made

Someone gave me a lovely box sometime back which contains these swell cards, each of which has a quote on it written by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

In my strenuous efforts to clear up my home office, I once again came upon it and hope not to lose sight of it again.
Here is the card that was on top today:

Smile at others and keep the world smiling.

Interestingly, my husband is I think is one of those special human beings has his own way of acting this out: When someone says to him : "Have a good day.."; He will often reply with: "you first!" or "after you!". Most folks get it and manage to smile.

More later if I have time, after I clean up the mess I left from making a garden in a box. What is a garden in a box? Stay tuned and you can find out, but only after I find my camera and it has shown up at the door of its intended recipient. In the meantime, enjoy your gardens, whether in a box, a yard or in you head. Love to all, Sopha D.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Analog Woman

I have attempted severeral times now to post in this poor little blog, only to have the result of writng masterful essays which then get erased when I attempt to illustrate them with a picture. Well, actually, it isn't just placing the picture; it is putting WHERE I WANT IT!!!!!
This is the reason why you may have looked lately and seen posts that were nothing but titles. Oh well. Today, thinking that I could find the drafts somewhere, I was planning to put up the brilliant thinking (ha!) that I had put down. You, dear reader, are lucky for the gods of anti-drivel have erased my encapsulated thoughts from both my computer and my mind.

Looking at how easily I become frustrated with, for example, not being able to place a picture where I wish it to be, however, makes me stop to think how age is part of this and how my own personality is part of this.

Most people who know me, know that I have ADD (attention deficit disorder). I have made my own choices about how to handle this and am doing ok with it more or less. This year though, I began a project of simplifing my life (who didn't??) and going through my stuff and getting rid of that which I did not need. Given that in a fire of earthquake we would have to climb over what my children call "junk" and I refer to as "media", it seemed like a good idea.

Much pain comes about from this process, but I occasionally have an epiphany. (These are somewhat different than the one that my son had one morning when he had come up with a brilliant new idea. He was in mid-adolescence at the figure out some of the things that might cause. He ran upstairs, wearing only the boxer shorts in which he sleeps, unbuttoned, threw his arms up over his head, chest out and yelled..."I have had an epiphany!" What could we say but, "we can see that you have, dear.")

Mine are rather more quiet and I tend to share them with nobody (I can learn from example after all) and then write them down somewhere in the form of a rule. The first one this year was as follows " It is not necessary to have someone who needs the stuff that you are trying to get rid of. You can just give it to the second hand places and quit trying to do the universe's work." Can you imagine what would happen if we all kept doing the work of the higher power, universe, God , You fill in with your preference. The goddess would get bored and could make all kinds of trouble, much worse that that which afflicts us now. Therefore, I am letting the goddess decide what to do with stuff after I let loose of it.

I had a second rule, I wrote that one on a post it too. Of course, I forgot it and have lost the post-it. Darn! Welcome to ADD land.

I will now leave you for the day, hope I don't mess this up and go back to cleaning up after having made a garden in a box for a friend. So much fun. My husban says I am wacko. But of course. Sopha Davenport

Monday, May 11, 2009


.....Quoting Albert Einstein is easy. Quoting many people, wise and otherwise is easy as well. Living up to the quote that one finds compelling is an entirely different thing altogether.

Here is the quote I love allegedly from A.E.:
Out of clutter, find simplicity.
From Discord,
find harmony.
In the middle of difficulty lies Opportunity.

I found this lovely quote on the January page of a new 2009calendar. I thought it would be a good leitmotif for this year, as I had already decided to eliminate much clutter from my life in order to be able to exercise my own creativity better. For me, the exercise of my creative bits require a bunch of stuff and a lot of space. I was encouraged in this effort by my loving family who was experiencing the dreaded Suze project creep once again. There are entire cities that are no more having succumbed to the project creep -not all mine of course.. I you poke around those old ghost towns in the west carefully you will find the signs: half completed quilts, stuff with macaroni two thirds of the way glued to it, crocheted saddle covers..oh you know what I mean.