Thursday, May 14, 2009

Analog Woman

I have attempted severeral times now to post in this poor little blog, only to have the result of writng masterful essays which then get erased when I attempt to illustrate them with a picture. Well, actually, it isn't just placing the picture; it is putting WHERE I WANT IT!!!!!
This is the reason why you may have looked lately and seen posts that were nothing but titles. Oh well. Today, thinking that I could find the drafts somewhere, I was planning to put up the brilliant thinking (ha!) that I had put down. You, dear reader, are lucky for the gods of anti-drivel have erased my encapsulated thoughts from both my computer and my mind.

Looking at how easily I become frustrated with, for example, not being able to place a picture where I wish it to be, however, makes me stop to think how age is part of this and how my own personality is part of this.

Most people who know me, know that I have ADD (attention deficit disorder). I have made my own choices about how to handle this and am doing ok with it more or less. This year though, I began a project of simplifing my life (who didn't??) and going through my stuff and getting rid of that which I did not need. Given that in a fire of earthquake we would have to climb over what my children call "junk" and I refer to as "media", it seemed like a good idea.

Much pain comes about from this process, but I occasionally have an epiphany. (These are somewhat different than the one that my son had one morning when he had come up with a brilliant new idea. He was in mid-adolescence at the figure out some of the things that might cause. He ran upstairs, wearing only the boxer shorts in which he sleeps, unbuttoned, threw his arms up over his head, chest out and yelled..."I have had an epiphany!" What could we say but, "we can see that you have, dear.")

Mine are rather more quiet and I tend to share them with nobody (I can learn from example after all) and then write them down somewhere in the form of a rule. The first one this year was as follows " It is not necessary to have someone who needs the stuff that you are trying to get rid of. You can just give it to the second hand places and quit trying to do the universe's work." Can you imagine what would happen if we all kept doing the work of the higher power, universe, God , You fill in with your preference. The goddess would get bored and could make all kinds of trouble, much worse that that which afflicts us now. Therefore, I am letting the goddess decide what to do with stuff after I let loose of it.

I had a second rule, I wrote that one on a post it too. Of course, I forgot it and have lost the post-it. Darn! Welcome to ADD land.

I will now leave you for the day, hope I don't mess this up and go back to cleaning up after having made a garden in a box for a friend. So much fun. My husban says I am wacko. But of course. Sopha Davenport

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