Monday, May 18, 2009

Wacko Women...

I am lonely here at this blog as I suspect there is nobody to read it...truth to tell I am hardly that interesting. Sometimes I miss some of the groups I once belonged to, but they were either too large or too demanding of production or one thing or another. Oh wait, I am the lazy bum...that was it. I am thinking of starting onE possibly called WACKO WOMEN WHO DO A LITTLE OR A LITTLE, BUT ARE PROBABLY CREATIVE AND HAVE A WICKED SENSE OF HUMOR.
On the off chance that anybody is reading this and would like to think about it, let me know. You do not have to be a woman actually. I am very flexible about these things.
Oh, what does the Dalai's card say today?
Shoot, he is hiding in his box under drifts of paper, but he will not elude me... here, here your Holiness... I need you... Just a moment.... go get a snack or something while I track down the smell of incense.........

Found him!!! Here it is:

If you harbour ill will, it has a negative impact on yourself. You may lose your appetite and good sleep."

Peace and love to all you beings out there... sopha davenport.

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