Thursday, August 13, 2009

the disappearing act

I just wanted anyone who cared to know that I am still alive, have ad a bit of a bout with poor health and no energy but am looking forward to a renewed effort at working on this blog. There are three subjects that both interest me and in which I (not so humbly) attest to have a certain amount of knowledge. Typing without my computer glasses is not one of them. They are as follows: dynamics, child development from a social emotional point of view as well as non-punitive parenting skills. I call this "dirty parent tricks", at least when it comes to teens. He, he.
2. Artsy fartsy stuff. AS a woman who has never met a medium she did not like and manages to make anything she encounters medium, it can be an interesting, if cluttered life. I wonder what I can do with the goop the used to attack the electrodes into my hair last night during the sleep study. There is a lot of it left and it has a wonderful slimy consistency.
For me artsy fartsy stuff had settled on jewelry for a time, but I am now branching out into doll making, and wedding accessories as well as wearable wedding attire for us auttumn chickens.
3.that sort of leaves the whole rest of the world.
Any and all feed back is appreciated and I hope to be fearing up to sloth on steroids speed around winter. Love and peace to all. sopha davenport