Monday, September 21, 2009

Sometimes it pours...sometimes nothing.

Having just posted yesterday, it seems a bit much to post again today. Despite the reality of my task list, which would have had me work without so much as a bathroom break today, one of my tasks did lead me to a pleasant diversion.  I was not going to follow it but the siren call was simply too great.

The life of ADD has become more difficult as I have grown older.  I have less energy, therefore less time to complete tasks and far, far, less resistance to distraction. It can, at times feel like a very lonely journey as we hide out failings and our insecurities (part and parcel of the whole thing). 
I do make attempts to cherish where even these formerly unwanted things take me these days.  Today, the actual task was to get the rocks, stones and pebbles that I had found and washed yesterday off the kitchen counter.  (Just for the sake of clarity allow me to say that they were originally found on various beaches throughout the last twenty or so years with various of my children. )

They were nice and clean and dry and I could have just tossed them all into some container, but that would be rather unlike me.  Instead, I took a pleasant half hour, swiftly defenestrated GUILT, where it landed in the bushes, unhurt but persuaded to stay away for a while. Oh what wonderful rock and stones!!! There are little, teeny tiny ones and then somewhat larger ones. Every single one of them has a story to tell.  There is a slew of smaller green ones, which I think may have come from the Oregon Coast, but I am not sure. So many shades of green!!!!  And, so much in each and every single stone that it forces me to recall friends and acquaintances.  Just as with the stones, they tease me with the surface indications of their stories, but to learn more, will require sitting time. 

Right now, it is time to put on my sleep breathing machine.  I hope tonight I get the straps right and avoid the headache I gave myself last night.  Things are only progressing slowly, but I will try to have faith.  It was funny the night I scared the ###### out of my husband!!

More another time.  Love, peace and happiness to all living beings.  s.

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