Monday, November 9, 2009

beans and something, i forgot

Ok, sorry, I did it again.. ratherthan preview, i POSTED THE darn thing.My arm is so painful at themoment, I CAN do no more... not even correct my mistakes.  Here's proof of just how handsome the child is... susanne/sopha d

Grief, beans, love and other things erotic

..It  being my son and all. He is lucky in that he is one of the most photogenic people I have ever come across.  The unlucky side of that is that, of course, his crazy, artsy-fartsy mother insists on taking odd pictures of him with string on his face. 
Young master Bryce is a budding musician ---- pity us the parental units---. He has talent, which I feel is somewhat buried under a rap style, but his wway with words can be astonishing.  Like me, he suffers from ADD and we do not like it when things do not come out perfectly the first time, but he is learning. Let me see if I can put a link in here....apparently not without checking. We also attempted to sign him up as a subscriber, and he showed up last night, but somethng with the subscriber function appears to not be working as well as itshould.  (I admit it could be me!) Replies can be sent to me at my private email.  Currently the best bet is

Friday, November 6, 2009

To ADD or not to ADD

Among all the other things that I have been attempting to do/complete, are some dolls. I saw them the other day, sitting together in their bowl, just waiting for me to bring them to life.  It was one of those interesting things to look at, so I took a picture.  (take a picture, you can stare longer!!)
Last night, in a rush of some sort of misplaced ambition, I wrote a very lengthy post, which I then managed to delete rather that post.  Takes real talent to do that.  Let's see if I can recall any of my brilliant thinking.  I do not drink, so that had nothing to do with it, I promise you.
Attention Deficit Disorder
I doubt that there are few people in this country who have not at least heard of this disorder.  Doubtless there are as many manifestations of it, as there are folks who have it.  I happen to  be one of them.  (Oh look, a chicken!) *with credit to the wonderful folks who came up with my favorite T-shirt!
I have worked in a private practice as a psychotherapist for almost twenty years now, and, probably due to the other fifteen or twenty years I spent working with children as an early childhood educator, have become somewhat adept at knowing how best to work with children who have neuropsychological problems.  That is to say, not just the children, but also with adults who have spent a lifetime without knowing why things are so hard or have been given an incorrect diagnosis.  When I work with children, clearly I also work , or at least attempt to, with all others involved in the child's life.
The rules of confidentiality and ethics keep me from chatting about this in any sort of explicit or gossipy way, but not only can I discuss myself and my parenting experiences, there is an awful lot of general knowledge worth a bit of dialogue.
Having ADD and not being diagnosed until the age of forty (two decades ago, yikes!!!) gives me an interesting bit of insight into the relationship between this and other such disorders and, what else----creativity.
I don't think I have ever been without a few too many thoughts in my head and so, as always, I have lists of things that are worth chatting about.  Here is just one afternoon's partial list:
1/.synesthesia/creativity, and being different.  How do they all work together?
f2. a quote I read by (I think I have the name right): Sunday Hendrickson "If we're treading on thin ice, then we might as well dance." My stupid notes are nor worth a darn... this was a car note, I can tell--apparently the author is Jesse Winchester, musician.
3, Collecting: magazineclippings, stuff that might someday be "media" and so on.

None of this can be done by myself, well I suppose  I could, but it does get boring, so I ask that those of you who do read this on occasion, subscribe, give me feedback and encourage o thers to at least take a look.  Please.

In any case, the more, the better... I am horrible at recalling the correct url, but I think it is still  Or the sophadavenport is all the way spelled out... You can see I need help.  Blessings, health long life and love to all. s.