Monday, November 9, 2009

Grief, beans, love and other things erotic

..It  being my son and all. He is lucky in that he is one of the most photogenic people I have ever come across.  The unlucky side of that is that, of course, his crazy, artsy-fartsy mother insists on taking odd pictures of him with string on his face. 
Young master Bryce is a budding musician ---- pity us the parental units---. He has talent, which I feel is somewhat buried under a rap style, but his wway with words can be astonishing.  Like me, he suffers from ADD and we do not like it when things do not come out perfectly the first time, but he is learning. Let me see if I can put a link in here....apparently not without checking. We also attempted to sign him up as a subscriber, and he showed up last night, but somethng with the subscriber function appears to not be working as well as itshould.  (I admit it could be me!) Replies can be sent to me at my private email.  Currently the best bet is

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