Saturday, February 20, 2010

change, choices and landlords

In our household we have this rather odd tendency to name things. The comfy black leather chair in the corner from Dania (my favorite modern furniture store!!!!) was named Eleanor in the store, and that she remains.  So, when someone calls out, "where are you?", a possible answer is, "here, in Eleanor".  The name stayed because Eleanor Roosevelt was an admirable woman.  Should the chair have been called "hitler" on the tag, I doubt we would have bought it, nor kept the name.

Furniture and cars are most subject to this tendency, so we have "El Monstro", a large wardrobe, the "slug room", and on and on.  My current car is a Sonata and much as I wanted to drive the "silver streak" -- no such luck.  I drive the "S-notta" instead.  At one point we had two cars that were both red, and so "big red " and "little red" were born.  Little red was a wonderful car of mine, I loved it, but as my office is a fair distance down a very dark road, and I  commute home at night, it's tendency to start only when it wished to do so, rather than when I needed it to, became a  bit of a problem.  We kept it around, because we have always lived the sort of lives where we had two "iffy" cars, and it was nice to have a spare around. After a time, however, it was time to let little red go.  It was hard to say goodbye to all those memories, but it was even more difficult to watch the poor thing deteriorate in the street in front of the house.  (Me?  Anthromorphize things?  naaaaa!)  Time went by and it was time to replace big red with another car for my husband and "Mr. Bailey" came to live in the garage.  We were holding on to big red, due to my beefcake's attachment and due to some hope that someday our son might actually pass his driving test.  So..... time went by. 
Time went by.
Time went by.
As time went by, there were a few things that needed fixing now and again, and my husband found someone down the hill who seemed to love the car as much as he did.  Imagine our surprise when we had found out that big red had spontaneously combusted in the middle of the night while sitting the the man's parking lot. 

Never, ever question just what form someone's grief may take.  The loss of this car was not the loss of a car, but memories gone, wishes of seeing your child drive a car that has so much history for much more.
The above photo is one I took of the from fender.  Straight out of the camera.  Then, never able to leave anything alone, I had to fool around with photoshop with it.  Here is the result.

I have several other pieces of writing that I can post, but not today.  I am semi-retiring from my career as a psychotherapist in order to pursue a more full time career in the arts.  This is a very difficult thing to do, and should anyone have an interest in these changes, I would be happy to write about that.
I also, as I have mentioned, have ADD and would be happy to write about that, should anyone have any questions.

Then there is my history as an immigrant into this country as a young child, just silliness, losing friends to awful diseases, sleep apnea masks and how much I sometimes hate mine, and, least but not last how I will address my work as a artist/artisan/business person. 

Comments would be helpful.  If you are having difficulty leaving comments, then please let me know by emailing me at or

Thanks, blessings, joy and good health to all.  sopha d.

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