Tuesday, February 9, 2010

dout veng ? huh?

A new language?  No, not really.  I was just waiting for something and started playing around with the words gratitude and aggravation.  I took out all the common letters and was left with doutveng.  I am tired and it is late but I think I did it correctly.  If you can come up with something that means something with these letters, I will send you a prize or gift of some kind.  No big thing of course.
My mother loved white lilacs more than any other flower on earth and so, as the season slowly approaches, I begin to think of her more and more.  Just looking at this picture, I can all but smell it and picture both of us sinking our faces deep into boughs of them, letting all the world's troubles drift away.  Despite my relative shyness, I never had a problem knocking on the doors of strangers' houses asking if I could have some of their white lilacs if I passed a yard blessed with them.  They do not grow well in my yard, the lavender lilac bush struggles to continue to live and on occasion puts out a small show, but then I think, my mother having passed on, is in a heaven in which the clouds are all made of white lilac.
Plum, my friend, so happy to see you writing again.
more from me another time.  peace love and health to all. sopha d.

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