Sunday, February 14, 2010

Passion? yes/ compassion? where?

This poster comes from the website of a person whom I not only hold dear, but who is a person of great intergrity and compassion and, knows what she is talking about!  Please go to her blog, to read more of what she thinks.  This is well worth your time.

We here in Washington State have had our governor make a decision that is doubtless meant to reach some sort of political end, but the result is to cut out medical for the weakest of our society, poor children. Developers still seem to get their tax breaks, uppermanagement types still get their bonuses, but the children will die for lack of a visit the the pediatrician. There is little to be said.

My family and I have been subject to a major blessing.  It may be shortlived or may be long lived; there is no way of knowing.  Our daughter, * Iggy, has been released from the state mental institution several days ago, and this is the first time in twenty years that I have heard her sound so solid, so much like herself, that I dare to actually crack open the callus surrounding my heart, in order to be there for her.  I will write more about this as it goes and as I check with her regarding how much of her story she would like revealed publicly. 
One of the things she told me was interesting though in light of budget cuts.  This was not her first period of time being committed to this institution.  This time, she said, was different.  Before, at meal time, patients could go back for seconds, even thirds unless they were on a diet.  This time, no seconds.  You got what you got and that was it.  Before, they always got cake after dinner.  Now, no cake.  "You have no idea what a piece of cake means to you at the end of the day in a mental ward", she said. 

When we vote to cut taxes, to ensure that those with their huge houses and suburbans, the big cars don't have to pay more for their licenses, we rarely know the small human stories behind them.  That is what we should hear and know and what our legislators should hear and know.  Nobody wants to.  Would you vote for anyone who made you face these issues?   You should. 
Love, peace and health to all.  sopha d.
PS.  If you have any notes of encouragement for my Iggy, you can send them to me at and I will print them out and forward them to her.  She has no computer, but even the kind words of strangers will help her in the battle with her demons.  Thank you. 

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