Sunday, March 21, 2010

What's in a name?

It feels to me that for about ten (10!!!!!eeeegahhhh) years now, my life has somehow lost its middle ground.  There is an absence of the spectrum of experience upon which a life should run, rather, I have a sense of only high or low.  (no, I am not bi-polar and not referring to that kind of

     The phenomenon to which I refer is something that I am quite sure is a consequence of an overload of something; stress, tasks, responsibilities, worries, change, expectations.... The list goes on and on.
My life is rich with experience and I am spoiled by a wonderful husband.  I have generally been able to work how I want to.  I have not habitually set easy tasks for myself, nor do I hold back on my expectations of the quality of my work. Still, I have never had to work on the "slime line" or been stuck with the feeling of having to spend my life earning my living that way.  (There was a period of about five years in my twenties, but that is another story......)
So, one of the things that keeps popping up in this too, too fast life, is the matter of a name for the business of art -- my art.  When my colleagues and I set about to find a name for our group of therapists, we agonized and spent a ridiculous amount of time on the issue.  I think we finally just settle on something rather generic, although my husband was rooting for either Acme Counseling (beep,beep) or, my personal favorite "Hot Water Shrinks".

Now I have to try to find a name that will work both face to face and on the web for a bit of a range of stuff.  It seems that every time this issue pops up, I work at finding something that in one or two words can wrap up and give a clue who I am, what I make and what kind of relationship I would like to have with my customer.  For several years now I have tried, found something that feels ok, but when I look, it already has a strong identity behind it.

What is the point of all this not meant to be whining?  I think that the poignant and important moments occur along the spectrum of experience I mentioned.  They, by definition have a certain amount of heft balanced by their subtlety.  The looking for a name for a business, while of some significance is really not very important at all.  It is an attempt to feed my own ego without facing the fear and challenge of changes happening too fast and in too great a number. 

The reality is that I am this:

and this,
and this:

and not really this  I guess,

but a whole chaotic bunch more.  I think I am a nice and good person.  I wish you a life as stunning and bright as a rainbow over water for all its miriad joys. (be well ms. p.)
love to all, sopha davenport

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