Sunday, May 30, 2010

madly updating

I have been checking out some other blog hosting sites, as I sometimes get frustrated with some limits here.  Despite the fact that it is probably all my own fault, I thought I would look at a few others.  So far I looked at Tumblr. and  

It also seems that Facebook has unfriended all but one of my friends.  They did that, not me!!  I will try to fix that as soon as I have enough patience.  

Picture on top is our new no-name dog... Bob, maybe?
peace to all, be gentle to each other.   sopha

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Another lost post from the immigrant girl

Hello, first of all, before I go to the promised writing please allow me to share my lovely news. After having to put our former darling, "Ralph" down, we have waited almost a year or more to begin looking.  We found our current furball this weekend and find him to be both a joy and a responsibility we had forgotten.  At the moment we have yet to settle on a name and are having a quiet debate on kennel training or not...

It was five o'clock in the morning the darkness of night just beginning to loosen it's grip (no, for those of you who recall old movies and such: "the sun did (not) spit morning into the sky!!"
The touch of light, not in the sky, but a glowing transparency of the air could have come from the lights of the  city coming closer. 

It could just as easily have been the beginning strains of the light of the day about to dawn. For those of us on the deck in that early hour, it made no difference.  The fog did as it always does, softening hard edges and swallowing all extremes of sound.  It was as still as the snow.

There was a touch of magic about the luminescent stillness.  For the first time in 10 days, the heartbeat of the ship, the constant thrumming of the engines had stopped as she slowly moved into New York harbor.

I have one picture of my two brothers and I standing on deck wearing the orange life jackets, which were a requirement.  I hated them.  As a small child, they were always too large for me, exagerating my natural clumsiness.  They were predictably damp and musty smelling and, had obviously been worn by hundreds of other strangers before. 

Discomfiting as it was, I was such an obedient child, it would never have dawned on me to complain, let alone refuse to put on the awful orange thing.

In any case, this particular morning, our ship, the Queen something, fell silent as she was gently pushed into the harbor.  Knowing nothing of tugs then, and their normal sound dampened by the fog, it seemed the ship was being pushed by an invisible hand.

Hundreds of people were on deck, all on one side.  I was fearful that the ship might tip over with everybody not evenly spread out.  It was fine as a herd of people politely and gently crammed themselves against the railing to see the Statue of Liberty bathed in green light.

Our memories change according to our desires, needs and imaginations, but all I recall was a continuation of this great silence as we drifted by her that morning to come, finally, to the shores of America.

(want to hear more of this stuff or more from the other ladies?  Do let me know, please.)   Sanni / sopha chesterfield davenport

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Missing Posts

These are my favorite pillows in  my house and I take great pride in having found them second hand and being able to purchase them for a pittance.  The rest of the  couch is charcoal colored and they bring me great joy without fail, as they liven up the room with their Miro designs and unrestrained color.

That was actually just a side thought.....................................
One of the things I wrote some time ago was to try to explain how I want to present myself as I write this.  The truth is that I have as many facets as any other person, but not everyone names them and allows them to express themselves as openly as I do.  Let me just say that  I am not emotionally troubled or lacking in mental hygiene (there's a concept!!); I simply allow myself to play and try to encourage others to do the same. Here then, is my aging explanation of the different voices you might encounter here.

This hat is a hat that sopha is working on and trying to finish.  It was one of my first tries with using punch needle felting and patterned chiffon on a piece.      I will try to remember to take a picture when it is completed.
(This was first written on a Sunday sometime around Thanksgiving last year)

Despite my belief that very few people actually read these postings, I have, of late, received a few responses that are spurring me on.  Additionally, I have lately had a bit of time for me to think. Thinking is generally a somewhat dangerous thing for me to do, given the wildly roaming quality of my thoughts.  In the past, I have considered thinking to be a private sort of activity the outcome of which is heavily censored.  This habit of self-censoring and guarding one's boundaries has fit it well with my career of choice as a psychotherapist. 

I am now over sixty and doing a sort of semi retirement.  It is forced upon me in great measure by some chronic health problems, but allows me to change a few other things in my life.  Perhaps it is time to stop censoring the fun voices in my life and be open to having them read by others.

(these, by the way are the beautiful baskets they hang in the city of Monroe.  Until we had to move offices, one of these hung right outside my window---nice.)
When I first began writing this blog I chose the pseudonym "sopha davenport". My explanation was that this was what I would consider the  more whimsical, creative, interesting, artsy, yet still sensitive part of my nature. I thought it would be more interesting than the lazy, boring, frequently overwhelmed part of my life. 
Shortly after reading the initial draft of this statement, I saw clearly that there are more facets and voices than just these two.  They are all me, but are shaped by my current mood, thoughts and circumstances of my life.  Everyone has this quality and can  easily find their facets.  Defining them is sort of fun and kind of enlightening.
So, allow me to introduce some of them to you:
There is Suse-a girl with big brown eyes.  That is what all her relatives always said about her.  They also teased her about how skinny she was and smart and made jokes about how that skinny body could possibly hold up that heavy head.  Suse can tell you stories about being an immigrant to the US, having an alcoholic father, her mother's breast cancer and lots more. 

Then there is Sopha Chesterfield Davenport to whom you have already been introduced.

Then there is the not quite Dr. Psychobabble Suze brought to you by Hot Water Shrinks, a non-existent mental health agency. She has the occasional useful thing to say about odd things.  None of this should be mistaken for actual clinical advice.

Last but not least is Prunella Pitt, the resident grumpy old lady. She is settling her softening and expanding butt into my life with the same implication of staying a while that a dog signals when he circles his chosen spot three times before plopping down with a sigh.

At the mid/old age of sixty +,  with an aching back, Prunella feels she has  earned the right to call out anything and anyone that irritate her. 

I  would love to see other voices join this chorus, but they should be yours....let me hear you sing.

be well, feel loved and peace to all of you from this little group!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

long overdue writings

Long, long ago, I saw a print of a collage done by an artist whose name escapes me at the moment.  He was doing work during the turn of the 18th to 19th century I think.  In the middle of the collage was a small piece of cut out magazine advertising that said simply "suze".
Since that time I have learned more about the aperitif that bears my nickname and kind friends have given me some SUZE stuff.  I have an ashtray, a glass, and a bottle.  Recently I found a deck of cards marked with SUZE on the back of each one.  Some of them are quite beautiful. 
So now I add this to the list of things I am looking for.  :
  1. world peace
  2. some peace and justice anywhere where it is lacking
  3. a new dog (we had two bichons--from the pound, so they were no doubt mixes.  I am basically wanting a drop kick dog. 
  4. suze stuff....without having to hit e-bay
  5. all my friends to be well and resurface
  6. vim, pep, and vigor

I have been absent to some degree from my blogging responsibility, and am saddenned to hear that two of my favorite bloggers will be taking a break from blogging.  (They are Kim Miles and Beading Stars)

I hear my husband making noises from the other room that indicate he is missing me.  It is our bedtime.  I will turn off the computer and go there where I will type in the essay about coming to New York that has beeen sitting in my handwritten notes book for two months now.  see you momentan

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Splitting myself while becoming whole

On my way out today to pick up some medication, I thought how important it is for me to edit what I write and post and not just do a kind of flow of thought thing.  My thoughts are much too disorganized.  I am thinking of somehow dividing up this blog into several sections, dealing with different options:
Mental health issues including ADD, and neurodiverse syndromes like Autism Spectrum disorders.
Art, craft and living a life of an artist.  Finally being able to work more than teeny, tiny part-time of this "shadow career: of mine.
Philosophy, friendship, life the universe and everything.
Just misc. stuff as it occurs to me. 

It would be helpful to know where any reader interest may lie.  I will try to make the Title reflect the catechory and then give a short one sentence synopsis of what I may be writing about.  Somebody give me some feedback.  love and peace to all, sopha chesterfield davenport

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May is here again...

I was going to start this entry/post with an apology about having taken so long between my virtual communications.