Thursday, May 6, 2010

Splitting myself while becoming whole

On my way out today to pick up some medication, I thought how important it is for me to edit what I write and post and not just do a kind of flow of thought thing.  My thoughts are much too disorganized.  I am thinking of somehow dividing up this blog into several sections, dealing with different options:
Mental health issues including ADD, and neurodiverse syndromes like Autism Spectrum disorders.
Art, craft and living a life of an artist.  Finally being able to work more than teeny, tiny part-time of this "shadow career: of mine.
Philosophy, friendship, life the universe and everything.
Just misc. stuff as it occurs to me. 

It would be helpful to know where any reader interest may lie.  I will try to make the Title reflect the catechory and then give a short one sentence synopsis of what I may be writing about.  Somebody give me some feedback.  love and peace to all, sopha chesterfield davenport

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