Tuesday, September 21, 2010

advice from a retired psychotherapist

retirement (for me) means a return to simplicity

At least that was what I had always imagined.  I had also imagined that they would have to carry me out of the office on a gurney.  I loved my career, even after twenty years I had not grown bored with it and there is a great deal of sadness as I am forced to leave it due to health reasons.

I still consider myself a knowledgeableperson when it comes to matters of therapy, psychology, child development, couples and so on.  All I have done is let go of my license and malpractice insurance, as well as my rather cozy office.  This means that I cannot engage in therapeutic work with clients for monetary compensation.  (No, therapists have never been permitted to barter!!)

I love writing about some of the weird stuff that crosses my little ADD brain and I love writing about people and life and art.  In checking stats, something I have never done  before, I found out that the highest stats were  a time when I posted something with ADD in the title.  This makes me think that people have so many questions about therapy that they would like to ask, but often do not know where to go. 

In the last twenty years of practice, many of my patients were first timers and really had no idea about who did what, depending on the letters behind their name and or what they should ask.  How does therapy work anyway?  How does it work with kids?  When do I put my seemingly strange or unhappy child into a therapeutic relationship with someone?  How do I know that they know what they are doing?

I do not feel ethically correct in giving specific clinical advice, or diagnostic advice on the internet.  It is difficult enough to do it well with the person in front of you, but I am more than happy to answer questions and give a try at suggesting solutions for behavioral problems. 

I will see what happens.  If things on this blog stay the same, then I will leave it as is and you will get to see pictures of the things I make as I now, finally, after waiting most of my life, get to engage full time in my "shadow career".  The artist gets to come out into the light.  This week I have been working on some interesting hat beginnings.  I will take pictures and show them when they are closer to being finished.

If it seems that splitting the blog into two is better then I may do that.  I need to hear back from some folks, otherwise my lazy self will make the decision.    peace love health and an absence of soliciters at your door this week.  sopha davenport

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