Thursday, September 2, 2010

"String of Tears" -- age and hope ?

It has been rather a long time since I have posted, and time and circumstance are to blame, as I refuse to take any responsibility despite the role my daily sloth and idolence have had here.  I'll not bore you with tales of woe, illness, broken computers and all the other things that can get in the way of creating and being true to the creation of even an adequate blog.

It is my sincere hope that things are, while not exactly taking a u-turn at autobahn speed, at least changing course at a speed that would not shame a snail.  I have been attemping to rework the picture part of this blog, given that blogger has now given us more options with which to play, or, break our computers.   You may have fun watching my ineptitude as things change, then, when I find it horribly ugly, or impossible to read, change again.

I did retire from my private practice as a psychotherapist after twenty or so years and have much to say about that.  What I would like to do with this blog ultimately is to split it into three without actually splitting it (yikes  a holey trinity).  I would like to devote one section to talking about mental health, illness and all the states in between.  I can give some counsel, but only within very, very strict parameters. In other words, no advice really. The second part I would like to devote to anything that has to do with finally at my age (60 +1) to devote myself to creative expression.  In other words, to be one of those artsy fartsy types.  All that art school stuff forty years ago should be used before I croak!!

The third is a subject that I have always had difficulty speaking about, but is one that needs to be given a voice during this time in the world.  I have already mentioned my immigrant status.  I am a legal citizen, but that isn't always enough to make for an easy transition.  Stories of my mother, they are.

My mother loved hats, and so do I.  This was one of my favorites until Charlie the madly chewing dog decided to add his own artistic twist to it.  Oh well, I love making hats, so this givesme an excuse, no?
Peace, love and hope to all, sopha davenport     Special prayers of any kind to A and B that they may soon be able to laugh at my side again. s.

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