Sunday, October 3, 2010

Parenting children with mental health issues

Well, one thing one can do is to make somewhat flamboyant hats and wear them about town.....sure wish I knew what I did with this hat.  It had hours worth of punchneedle felting in it.  Oh well, so my for my keen memory.

On being the parent of a special needs child, while trying to straighten your own life out: chapter 4986, section m.

(Note:  despite my twenty or so years of clinical experience working with others and their children, this and any following pieces on this subject, are bases more or less on my personal experiences, and, as such, should be considered the writing of a crabby, retired, ex-quack with a bad back.)

parenting /  special needs / support system / support team / behavioral goals...and on and on and on. 

Words, words, words and more words.

When we most need words to provide us with some clarity, our failure to use them carefully confounds us all the more. The outcome is frequently the oppposite of what we need; misunderstanding, obfuscation and confusion. It has never been the intention of parents or professionals in the field to work toward this sort of outcome.  Having been on both sides of this particular fence, I feel that part of the difficulty stems from how each group (teachers, parents, therapist, psychs...) use the language of their training.  Professionals can be sadly unaware of the difference in meaning of a word.  Parents often feel that the problem is theirs.  Sometimes, they may not start out feeling that way, but are certainly given that message enough that they begin to doubt their own experiences. 
************************* sorry, I must pause here.  This is a much longer post, all hand written out and edited once or twice.  Eight is what it takes for me to write really well!   I am very tired tonight and it is time to sleep according to my body.  I will post the rest of this in a day or two. 

Responses and comments are always appreciated and I encourage you to disagree or agree or simply tell me you don't know what the heck I am talking about.  Go for it!!

I will soothe myself all the way to sleep, before putting on the breathing machine by working on a lovely red hat that is currently telling me how it wants to be.  MMmmmmm, it is a lovely felt thing that sits like a cloche on one side, then moves into a series of waves on the other side.  I can already see that I will have to restrain I overdeveloped nature to decorate the heck out of everything.  I guess sometimes simple is best.

Wishing you all the joy of a great week and may your living room be tidier than mine.  Peace, love and health... sopha d.

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