Sunday, November 28, 2010

Frustration, aggravation and loss

I realize that the above title is hardly one that promises cheery reading.  I will try to toss a bit of fun in here.  I seem to be having problems in getting this blog to do the things I want it to.  Same for my life at the  moment.  I have written two other entries here which are not showing up...and several emails lost in outer space.   This little entry is a test entry.  The picture is a place where I slept and felt love and loved previously and now am unable to make contact with that person.  For privacy's sake s/he shall remain nameless.  Sadly due to a misunderstanding about my absence from both life and the computer, I stand to lose this friendship.  This is a horrible thing to contemplate, as I have been through some hardships in the last two months, and I can only pray and hope that I will not remain banished from several hearts, including that one forever.
More intelligent and less personal stuff later,  sopha davenport

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