Friday, January 28, 2011

Christmas letters and self discipline

I have been absent from my virtual self on the web and this blog for quite some time now.  Once in a while I get into these snarky, semi-unpleasant hermit - crab moods. 

Hermit crabs are actually really cute pets.  At the time that the Willows Preschool was around (1985 on), such things were not yet considered to be being mean to poor little animals and so we had several in our classroom.  They aren't exactly highly interactive pets, but that makes them very low maintenance as well and so they were pretty good to have in the classroom.  Much easier than our rat, Maizie, who ended up dying under the knife when she had to have open heart surgery.  That is a story for another time.

I have been neither low maintenance nor particularly cute, and therein lies the tale of my absence.  Every year, we receive several Christmas or non-denomenational "seasonal" letters, and every year I am tempted to write one that reflects some of the more difficult parts of our lives, but somehow it seems mean and cruel.  On those years, I withdraw and stay quiet. 

I even missed the book reading for the second book my old friend Valerie Trueblood has had published.  Her first was called Seven lives if I recall correctly, which I rarely do, and I do not know the name of this second one, but I will run out and get it as soon as my budget cleans itself up a bit. 

More, and cheerier, or something soon.  susanne,aka sopha davenport

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